STUDCORP, the Bordeaux startup that is attacking student insurance

A storytime that will please you!

The idea of creating the startup emerged in 2017. Simon, an insurer, received a request for student insurance to go abroad. He realizes that no offer is suitable for this target. He finally manages to find a solution for the young man but he is not completely satisfied.


Rich in his experience as a student abroad, he thinks about possible solutions. Johan joined Simon in the brokerage firm and very quickly he told him about his experience on student health insurance, we went deeper and they decided to make a first tour of schools in France to test the market. They start with Bordeaux then Lyon and Paris.

On their return from Paris, Simon and Johan were convinced that the underwriting of contracts needed to be digitised in order to be able to handle more volume.
Simon contacted his childhood friend who is a web developer and explained the project to him.
The challenge was to quickly release a prototype of the platform.
With the desire to offer a global solution, they approached the best partners in the 

banking and telephony sector, housing and visa concierge services. Today, they provide schools with a lighter administrative burden by providing them with management tools and carrying out prevention campaigns.

More and more French students are going abroad during their studies.

It is essential for Studcorp to accompany them, before and during their trip and tomorrow to allow foreign students to arrive in France with the same comfort.