Taking care of your health without breaking the bank is a good thing, isn’t it?

Your health is a priority for the success of your studies, and STUDCORP is there to support you with its complementary health insurance offer, so that you benefit from optimum cover throughout your studies. To protect your health during your studies, we offer “responsible contracts” eligible for 100% health and a single rate for 18-21 year olds.

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Once you are affiliated to Social Security, your medical expenses are covered at rates ranging from 15% to 80%. This coverage does not reimburse all your medical expenses. Supplementary health supplements the Social Security reimbursement. It covers the complementary portion, also known as the “ticket modérateur”, which the insured person must pay after the compulsory portion has been reimbursed.

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As a student, you’re juggling a whole range of challenges: courses, exams, accommodation and day-to-day expenses.

In this context, taking out complementary student health insurance offers a number of advantages that will help you succeed in your studies. Access to quality healthcare, control over your health expenses and even peace of mind.

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Together, we determine which of our 5 levels of cover best suits your health needs.

All you have to do to be properly covered is answer a few questions. We’ll then be able to offer you the package that’s right for you.


The STUDCORP team would be delighted to help you with all your administrative needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Find out more about the main items covered by our complementary health insurance :


Hospitalization can happen quickly and be expensive. With a complementary health plan, you'll be well taken care of health problem event.

Routine care

Consultations with your general practitioner or a specialist, laboratory tests, imaging procedures... Complementary health enables you to receive high-performance reimbursements.


For good dental hygiene (scaling, cavities, toothache, etc.), a complementary health plan will enable you to face up to high prices without trembling.


When you go to your optician to change your glasses. The associated costs can generate a significant out-of-pocket expense.