Students, we’re here for you!

As a student specialist, we’re here to help you make your life easier. Your academic success should be your priority, so rely on STUDCORP. In just 3 steps, we’ll get you ready to study with complete peace of mind.

Step 1: Finding your apartment

In partnership with Groupe Mobility

Do you need to move or find your first home for your studies? It’s stressful, and sometimes it seems impossible to find your new home. Your academic success is our priority, so we’ve partnered with Groupe Mobility to take care of finding you a place to live. We’re here to support you.

If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry, we’ll find you an apartment within 3 weeks!

Student pack

330 € per month for 3 months


Guaranteed results *

Access to Off-Market housing


*Payment only in the event of a successful search for accommodation.

Fill in this form and a member of the Groupe Mobility team will contact you:

Step 2: We insure your apartment

Did you know? It’s compulsory for all tenants to have home insurance. Just the thing, STUDCORP offers a home insurance package tailored to students.

Our rates depend on the number of rooms in your home:


One-pack installation

This year, for the back-to-school season, we’re forgetting the trips to IKEA and the endless scrolling on Amazon. Wasting time and money was a thing of the past!

We’ve teamed up with MondoPal to guarantee you an easy, lightning-fast move-in without breaking the bank on campus.

📦 MondoPal is an e-commerce platform dedicated to students, offering packs containing everything you need for your accommodation: from comforters to saucepans, sheets to plates and towels, over 100 essential items await you.

💸 Save a bundle: items are on average 22% cheaper than in traditional stores.

🚚 Opt for express delivery in 24 hours or on a specific date: Monday to Saturday, anywhere in France, at home or in a relay.

On your marks. Get set… Packez!