A home insurance policy is mandatory for all tenants.

The STUDCORP offer covers you for civil liability, theft and water damage.

The entire process is managed by the STUDCORP team


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Civil liability

You will be compensated for damage caused to third parties for which you are responsible


You are covered against fire, explosion, smoke and lightning in your home

Water damage

You are insured against damage to the interior of buildings caused by leaks, seepage, burst pipes, even in the event of frost

Natural disasters and climatic events

In case of material damage due to the intensity of a natural agent, you will be insured for pecuniary compensation after publication in the official journal

Attacks and acts of terrorism

Property damage and consequential damage suffered on national territory caused by an attack or act of terrorism

Technological disaster

You are covered for material damage resulting from a technological disaster after publication in the official journal

Theft and vandalism

In the event of theft (up to a limit of ...€) we cover the replacement of locks, damage to property and acts of vandalism committed at home.

Ice breakage

We cover glass breakage on windows and conservatories

Do you know?

- The cost of flooding can be up to €3000 on average
- Without insurance your landlord can refuse you entry to the property
- With STUDCORP the claim declaration is 100% digital