Student mental health in France

How to access the best resources

When you’re a student in France, you may feel the need to talk to someone. However, sessions with a psychologist can be quite expensive. Don’t worry, there are other solutions.

Government assistance :

Fortunately, government assistance allows you to benefit from 8 free sessions with a psychologist. To take advantage of this, you first need to consult your GP, who will issue you with a prescription for psychological follow-up. Then, on the government website, you’ll be able to find a psychologist among the available partners!


The Bureaux d’Aide Psychologique Universitaires (BAPU) are counseling centers where you can meet psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. All the sessions you have at the BAPU are covered, and there’s no limit to the number of sessions you can have (here BAPU) !

Les Happsy Hours de Apsytude :

Happsy Hours is a concept created by the Apsytude association. This initiative offers free individual consultations with psychologists. The association is present in many student towns in France and even offers consultations with psychologists speaking different foreign languages for non-French-speaking students (here Happsy Hours).

Published: MARCH. 15 2024 Update: MARCH 15. 2024 2 MIN


APASO is an association that offers, among other services, a psychological helpline staffed by psychologists. If you prefer to avoid face-to-face contact, you also have the option of consulting a psychologist by telephone (here APASO).

Nightline :

Nightline is an association dedicated to the emotional support of students, offering a confidential and anonymous listening line during night hours. This association provides you with a safe space where you can talk about your concerns, worries and problems with attentive, non-judgmental support (here Nightline).

It’s important to take care of your mental health as a student, and these different options offer opportunities to access psychological support without too many financial constraints. Don’t hesitate to explore these resources and find the one that’s right for you, to help you on your student journey.

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Charlotte, team STUDCORP.