Did you know that it is compulsory for all tenants to have home insurance?

STUDCORP has a home insurance offer adapted to students. Our offer covers civil liability, theft and water damage.

What’s more, all the procedures are managed by the STUDCORP team.

Our rates, depending on the number of rooms in your home :

The main guarantees for students of CESAL :

Civil liability

You will be compensated for damage caused to third parties for which you are responsible


You are covered against fire, explosion, smoke and lightning in your home

Water damage

You are insured against damage to the interior of buildings caused by leaks, seepage, burst pipes, even in the event of frost

Theft and vandalism

In the event of theft (up to a limit of ...€) we cover the replacement of locks, damage to property and acts of vandalism committed at home.

Natural disasters and climatic events

In case of material damage due to the intensity of a natural agent, you will be insured for pecuniary compensation after publication in the official journal

Attacks and acts of terrorism

Property damage and consequential damage suffered on national territory caused by an attack or act of terrorism

Technological disaster

You are covered for material damage resulting from a technological disaster after publication in the official journal

Ice breakage

We cover glass breakage on windows and conservatories


Leaving is cool, you’ll meet new people and have lots of experiences, but you have to prepare for it! You may encounter problems with your health costs, your assistance or your civil liability. The STUDCORP offer allows you to leave with complete peace of mind.

Discover our complementary service that will accompany you before and during your trip : PICK AND GO

Our prices for international students coming to France:

  • Leaving for the France

Rates for international students leaving for the rest of the world:

  • Leaving for the countries of the Europe zone 
  • Going to the USA and Canada
  • Going to countries in the rest of the world 

The main guarantees for students of CESAL :

Medical expenses

100% coverage of medical expenses from the 1st € and without deductible. We reimburse consultations, analyses, technical procedures (including PCR test on prescription) etc... At STUDCORP, covid-related expenses are covered in our contracts!

Emergency dental costs

100% coverage of costs from the first €1 spent, with no excess up to €500.


If your health condition requires a return to France, we will take care of all the organisation. However, the repatriation is decided by the doctors on site as well as with our partner doctors in France. The guarantee applies only on medical grounds!

Individual travel accident insurance

In the event of permanent or total disability as a result of an accident during your stay abroad, you will receive a lump sum of up to abroad, you will receive a lump sum of up to €50,000

Legal assistance

The STUDCORP contract insures you in the event that you run into trouble with the law. We can help you with bail and legal fees.


If you are hospitalised abroad, we will pay for 2 return tickets and 10 nights' accommodation for your relatives. In the event of the hospitalisation or death of one of your relatives in France, we will pay for a return ticket so that you can be with them.

Personal liability abroad

We compensate, with an excess of 80 euros, the material or physical damage that you damage you may cause to a third party involuntarily.

Assistance in the event of death

We pay the costs of the coffin and organise the repatriation of the repatriation of the body


Aware of the importance of multimedia tools for students, we have developed an offer that allows them to be well insured at a low price.

The + :

STUDCORP began by insuring student mobility, so it is in continuity that we propose a contract allowing to be insured in France as well as abroad.

We offer 2 packages to make your life easier :


With this contract you have the possibility to insure all smartphones, whether new or reconditioned, with a purchase price of less than 2000€. Under guarantee of a purchase invoice from a professional.

For a single price, we cover all the products in the list of the pack, without limitation, provided that the invoice is in your name !


With this contract you have the possibility to insure all smartphones, whether new or reconditioned, with a purchase price of less than 2000€. Under guarantee of a purchase invoice from a professional.

For a single price, we cover all the products in the list of the pack, without limitation, provided that the invoice is in your name !


Find our rates according to the purchase price of your smartphone:

Essentials (laptops/notebooks, tablets)

All products (Touch Tablet, Tablet PC, Laptop / Netbook, Desktop, Digital Camera, SLR and SLR Lenses, Camcorder, Connected Watch, MP3 / MP4 Player, Walkman Docking Station, Wireless Speakers, Portable or Home Game Console, Headset, Gaming, Virtual Reality, e-book / e-reader, Scanner / Printer, Digital Photo Frame, Portable Video Projector)

The main guarantees for students of CESAL :


You are insured in the event of damage or destruction that is externally visible and impairs the proper functioning of the Guaranteed Device.


You are insured in the event of exposure to humidity or a liquid causing corrosion of the components of the device, affecting the operation of the device, provided that it is not caused by an effect internal to the device.

Characterized theft

You are insured in the event of fraudulent dispossession of the guaranteed device, committed by a Third Party, ascertained by a receipt for the filing of a complaint with the competent police authorities in the event of assault or burglary.


Discount applied to the purchase value of the Guaranteed Device of 1% per month from the 13th month following the date of purchase of the Guaranteed Device purchased new or refurbished.

Insured abroad

As part of this contract you are insured in France but also abroad!

Waiting period

Period of 30 days following enrollment and during which the guarantees do not apply. The waiting period does not apply for Insured Devices purchased after the effective date of membership.


The compensation limit including tax per year of insurance is €2,500 for the smartphone offer and €2,000 for the multimedia offers.

Repair costs

Cost, assessed on the day of the Claim, of repairing the damaged Insured Device.


Taking care of your health without breaking the bank is a good thing, isn’t it?

Your health is a priority for the success of your studies, and STUDCORP is there to support you with its complementary health insurance offer, so that you benefit from optimum cover throughout your studies. To protect your health during your studies, we offer “responsible contracts” eligible for 100% health and a single rate for 18-21 year olds.

We're here to help!

Once you are affiliated to Social Security, your medical expenses are covered at rates ranging from 15% to 80%. This coverage does not reimburse all your medical expenses. Supplementary health supplements the Social Security reimbursement. It covers the complementary portion, also known as the “ticket modérateur”, which the insured person must pay after the compulsory portion has been reimbursed.

You’ll find more details in this article: Understanding the French healthcare system.

As a student, you’re juggling a whole range of challenges: courses, exams, accommodation and day-to-day expenses.

In this context, taking out complementary student health insurance offers a number of advantages that will help you succeed in your studies. Access to quality healthcare, control over your health expenses and even peace of mind.

You’ll find more details in this article: The benefits of complementary health insurance for students, guaranteeing health and budget.

Together, we determine which of our 5 levels of cover best suits your health needs.

All you have to do to be properly covered is answer a few questions. We’ll then be able to offer you the package that’s right for you.


The STUDCORP team would be delighted to help you with all your administrative needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Find out more about the main items covered by our complementary health insurance :


Hospitalization can happen quickly and be expensive. With a complementary health plan, you'll be well taken care of health problem event.

Routine care

Consultations with your general practitioner or a specialist, laboratory tests, imaging procedures... Complementary health enables you to receive high-performance reimbursements.


For good dental hygiene (scaling, cavities, toothache, etc.), a complementary health plan will enable you to face up to high prices without trembling.


When you go to your optician to change your glasses. The associated costs can generate a significant out-of-pocket expense.

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